PATTON CONSULTANTS, LTD, your land development consultant, has been consulting on the development and re-development of land for  public, quasi-public, and private interests since 1990.

Economic, environmentally conscious, and governmentally  compliant land development is both an art and a science.  The balancing of all stakeholder interests and needs in the development of a site are critical to success. Identification of the many public, private, and quasi-public elements which will be involved in the development of and in the ultimate use of the developed site is just the beginning.  Feasibility, design, approvals, financing, construction, and finally the use of the completed development are all interdependent.  We provide the overview and coordinate the details of this complex comprehensive process or  specific detailed portions thereof; be the subject area greenfields,  brownfields, new development or re-development.

PATTON CONSULTANTS, LTD consultations have benefited many land owners, developers, financial institutions, attorneys, appraisers, schools, colleges, universities, and local governments. These consultations have been in such forms as  the evaluation, analysis, and feasibility of a proposed development;  the management and coordination of a development for a landowner or developer; legal consultation/expert testimony relative to land development issues with attorneys;  the preparation, processing, and permitting of a development with governmental agencies; or the management of the development of a project for a client on a fee basis..