A typical land development in which PATTON CONSULTANTS, LTD.  might be involved is a large site for mixed use development. We could be involved on behalf of the owner (seller) or future owner (buyer). We have been involved, from concept to finished product, in the annexation, re-zoning, assemblage, design, governmental approvals, construction, through to occupancy and close out  from its pre-development state (greenfields or brownfields) to the ultimate use and occupancy.  This may be, by definition, the "highest and best use"  with current zoning, or it could involve a "re-zoning" to obtain a "more profitable" or a "higher valued" use.

Of recent years, in particular, PATTON CONSULTANTS, LTD. has filled a niche in the specialty of hotel (hospitality) site development.  Although, over time, our expertise has been applied to urban re-development; private and public educational institution development; church development, residential (single lot subdivision, townhome, and multifamily housing) development; commercial  development and industrial development.  Both single structure sites and multi-structured sites have been conceptualized, engineered, permitted, constructed, and finalized through our virtual land development services.